It’s not long before the competition season comes to an end. When all the rushing around is over, take some time to reflect on your needs for 2019. What changes do you need to make to your stable yard, and the way it is organised, that will help you get ahead?
When you invest your time and money into horses, their safety and security is paramount. Investing in Scotts of Thrapston replacement doors and windows will make a difference to their comfort and reduce the chance of injury.

You can undertake some simple checks to see if your doors and windows are showing signs that they need repairing or replacing…

  1. Is the timber window frame badly chewed, going rotten or showing signs of damage? Does the timber need a coat of paint or stain? Or are they too rotten to work with?
  2. Is the glass broken, falling out or not laminated for safety? Non-laminated glass should never be used for stabling. Laminating the glass stops shards from entering the stable, if unfortunate enough to be shattered.
  3. Do your windows open or have a vent action? If not, your horse is not getting adequate ventilation and this will impact their respiratory health. This is significantly important if your horse has specific issues like COPD.
  4. After this long hot summer, prepare for another in 2019 by adding solid or glazed rear top doors to provide additional ventilation in the warmer weather and extra light in the darker months.  This also offers a different perspective for them to look out on to when in the stable for longer.
  5. If you have integral grilles, are they bowing or rusting?
  6. Have the doors dropped? Are the bolts hard to operate? If so, they could be difficult to open, creating a potential hazard for your horses and their handlers. It may be that the hinges simply need adjusting or perhaps it is time to replace them.
  7. Has any metal work split or got sharp edges? As standard, Scotts doors and frames come with rounded edges for the safety of your horses. They also have a deep galvanised steel anti-chew capping to the bottom door and full galvanised metal sheet to the inside.
  8. If the doors and windows do need replacing, are they unusual in shape or size? If so, Scotts designs and manufactures to suit your stable yard requirements. As well as bespoke stable doors, Scotts also offers sliding barn doors, pony height doors, feed room doors, high security tack room doors and garage doors.
  9. Are you looking for alternative materials? Scotts standard doors are manufactured in pressure impregnated European Redwood but can be supplied in hardwoods or even composite materials.
Time to improve your stable yard?

Scotts of Thrapston can supply a range of stable doors and windows, for your stable yard, as well as a host of other accessories. Our extensive product range can be purchased off the shelf or specified to your own individual requirements.

If you are looking to refurbish existing timber stables, or want to upgrade the quality of finish, Scotts provides a range of premium doors and windows. They are built to complement both brand new buildings in timber or brick and block as well as period stable blocks in brick or stone. You can choose to colour match with your properties paint work for a cohesive look to your stable yard and home.

Visiting the Scotts accessories page on the website allows users to review the various items, along with providing comprehensive technical details and prices for each standard product. The prices allow users to budget for future purchases, which makes it easy to plan a project over time to fit your cash flow and circumstances.

To confirm your requirements or to obtain a quotation for bespoke doors and windows, please contact a member of our Equestrian Sales Team.  For further information on our timber stables and equestrian buildings, please call Scotts on 01832 732366 or e-mail: