Timber engineered easi-joists combine the lightness of timber with the structural qualities of metal providing cost-effective answers to construction needs.

Our engineered easi-joist® system uses stress graded timber which is plated together with precision engineered metal webs from Wolf Systems.

It provides a practical and cost-effective alternative to traditional timber joists and I-joists, whether for domestic or commercial buildings. The combination of smaller timber sections with the lightweight metal web means the finished product is lighter than timber and timber equivalents.

The product is efficient, easy and cost-effective to install, offering complete flexibility, while the long continuous span helps to reduce the need for intermediate support walls.

The floor system can out-perform sawn timber in its span and dimensional stability, while it is possible to design and manufacture a complete floor system, to meet your specification, helping to reduce site wastage and labour costs.

The greater bearing area and open web design make installation easier for plumbers and electricians, especially when installing services such as water pipes, electrical cabling, heating and plumbing.

The system particularly suits multi-occupancy buildings as they are manufactured to high acoustic and fire performance standards which benefit party floor construction, while the strength built into the floors improves floor rigidity.

The engineered easi-joist design means there is less moisture loss and shrinkage, thus providing a quieter and longer lasting floor system.

In summary, the top five benefits of the easi-joist metal web system are:
• Offers unrivalled lightness and strength when compared with standard timber joists
• Easy to design and install
• Open web construction for easy internal routing of service pipes
• Long, clear spans for flexible, column-free internal space
• A quieter and longer lasting floor system

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