As Halloween approaches, why not throw a themed garden party for family and friends, making your summerhouse the focal point of the gathering?

Add outdoor candles, carved pumpkins and provide some warm throws and you can create the perfect setting for both young and old to enjoy some spooky fun.

There are a few simple steps you can use to turn your summerhouse into a creepy cabin.

  • Fill pumpkins with candles, real or battery-powered, or fairy lights and place them around the summerhouse to create the perfect setting.
  • Use the summerhouse for pumpkin carving and see who comes up with the best design.
  • Create a ghostly Pinata to hang from the ceiling, filled with Trick or Treat sweets.
  • Use orange and black balloons to decorate your summerhouse inside and out to add to the party atmosphere.
  • Hang Halloween-inspired lanterns inside your summerhouse to add an eerie glow.
  • Create a black flag garland to hang outside to set the scene.
  • And while spiders will be living in your garden, add fake cobwebs to your summerhouse windows to create that extra creepy touch.
  • Play Halloween hits during the party to create a real thriller – muah-haha!
Scotts Halloween Summerhouse Party