Having recently been recognised for the strength of our design and delivery with an award from RIBA Suffolk, one aspect of our service that we believe helps us deliver such high-quality projects is our turnkey solution.

We offer this service with all of our creative timber buildings and it means we effectively manage the project, from concept to completion, ensuring a hassle-free experience. This one-stop shop approach means that schools, sports clubs, architects and local authorities only have to deal with one company.

Scotts has a wealth of experience in designing, engineering, manufacturing and installing a wide range of timber education and leisure buildings to suit a variety of needs. The turnkey solution gives us control over quality and build accuracy, and cuts onsite assembly times and deliveries. As manufacturers, we can pre-manufacture and store materials at our site in Thrapston and use offsite technologies to ensure on-site time is kept to a minimum.

We are in full control of the build programme and can call on material as and when it is required. Items can, therefore, be delivered in one trip, rather than drawing on several suppliers, which in turn helps to reduce the overall carbon footprint, noise and disruption. This system creates a structured environment as Scotts runs a ‘just-in-time’ delivery system meaning no material is stored on site, reducing any fire or arson risk, and keeping onsite waste to a minimum.

We are proud to offer superb architectural design, excellent service and a sustainable approach that helps us provide cost-effective, high-quality education, leisure and community buildings. Our turnkey solution means we can always put an emphasis on providing a good quality, well-ventilated environment that can promote wellbeing and boost learning.

The Scotts turnkey solution and resulting benefits are highlighted in two recent films:  Havering Community Centre  and Lavenham Young Person’s Centre.