Creating A Garden Office In Your Summer House

With more people working from home than ever before and hybrid roles becoming a huge factor of people’s day-to-day lives, having a safe and comfortable area to work from is important. For those who have the available outdoor space, summerhouses and garden offices have been a popular choice. This can be done by either transforming existing sheds or summer houses or you can invest in a purpose-built office space.

Whether you’re setting up your own business or you now have more flexibility in your working environment, building a home office can give you a quiet and functional space, away from the distractions of home or family life. Regardless of your reasons for working from the comfort of your home, it is important to make sure that your new garden office building meets your work needs so you can use it practically on a day-to-day basis. This could be related to space, the number of outlets or even the location in your garden.

So, if you have finally had enough of working from the kitchen table then a gorgeous garden office summer house is sure to get you excited to get you up for work in the morning!

Benefits of having a garden office

Who wouldn’t want a garden office all to themselves? A beautiful, dedicated space away from the house to work. With so much more time being spent at home, it can be tricky to separate home and work life so having a space specially designed for work is the perfect solution.

Research shows that working from home helps you to be more productive and the overall benefits of working from home in a garden office are well documented. From helping you to achieve a better work-life balance, reducing commuting times and even making you happier.

No daily commute

Did you know that commuting to work takes an average of 1.15 hours each way, which, over the length of a career, totals 10, 600 hours? That is a lot of time spent travelling. When you have your office in your garden your commute time will reduce drastically. Having an office at the end of your garden allows you to choose whether to arrive at work early and get more done for your job or arrive exactly on time and have a more relaxed start to your morning.

Adds value to your property

Depending on where you are, the quality of the garden building and the nature of your garden office you could add significant resale value to your property. According to leading property experts, adding a garden room can add 1.5 times the value to a home. Not only is a garden office less expensive than a typical extension of your home but it is far less invasive work to undertake. The investment of buying an outdoor building or summerhouse office can be a potential investment and could be something you should consider. Here at Scotts of Thrapston, we offer optional upgrades such as double glazing, supplied with clear, low E energy-saving glass, as well as lining and insulation to all our summerhouse models, all to ensure your summerhouse can be used comfortably all year round.

Helps improve your health and wellbeing

Regardless of whether you’re in town or the country, there’s always some form of nature that can be enjoyed in our gardens. Research has shown that having a separate workspace from your home greatly improves your wellbeing and lifestyle, not to mention the positive impact nature has on your mental health. Garden offices should, and often will, have large windows or doors which give you a view into the garden which can help improve mindfulness and boost tranquillity in your day-to-day wellbeing.

Summerhouse office designs

With styles ranging from small, vintage spaces to timelessly traditional garden offices, it can be difficult to decide which design would be the best fit for your garden. There are lots of different garden buildings to choose from depending on your preferred design, budget and garden size. To give you some inspiration for your new garden office, here are some of our favourites.

The Baltimore Summerhouse

The Baltimore is a small, octagonal Summerhouse that can be converted into a micro single-person workstation that is perfect for small garden spaces. The Baltimore has lockable doors and casement-style windows to provide the ultimate garden hideaway and safe space to work away. This ideal Summerhouse office space also features three attractive diamond leaded windows on the rear panels and is manufactured from Red Grandis, a sustainably-sourced hardwood, this Summerhouse is built to last.

Flexibility is key to making the space work for your needs and having a small, yet customisable space is crucial to a happy and calm space. The Baltimore, along with the beautiful slate-effect roof and casement style windows, has optional seating and upholstery sets to create the perfect Summerhouse office for you.

The Burghley Summerhouse

The Burghley Summerhouse is Scotts larger, octagonal Summerhouse model perfect for a roomier office space in your garden. The Burghley is a traditional countryside design, and it has been built with year-round comfort in mind, making it a great choice for a garden office and even if you don’t think you’ll be using the garden office during the colder winter months, then you can set up the space in such a way that it can serve other purposes throughout the year.

This elegant Summerhouse is manufactured from Red Grandis and is supplied with a paint finish, not only to decorate but protect the exterior of your building. It also comes with a pair of secure, lockable doors and can have brass or chrome ironmongery and is fitted with 6.4mm laminated glass. The Burghley is supplied, as standard, with three attractive diamond leaded windows on the rear panels, casement windows and the doors can even be hooked open to let in the summer heat.

The Sun Ray Garden Room

Our spacious Sun Ray Garden Room is our biggest design and is the ideal place to spend time working on your business or building on your career amid your garden. This spacious garden room comes with casement windows and lockable doors which not only secures your workspace but can also be hooked open during a summer’s day or closed in the cooler weather.

The Sun Ray Garden Room is supplied in three sizes, depending on your budget and work requirements, and is constructed out of sustainably sourced hardwood from well-managed forests. This traditional design not only is great for a spacious office, but it also looks great on your property and in your garden.

Building A Garden Office With Scotts Of Thrapston

While working from home has plenty of pros, the no-cost commute and the daily leisurewear wardrobe being just two, it also can prove hard to stay motivated to work when in your own environment. That is why having a dedicated and bespoke garden room to work from is the perfect solution.

Contact a member of the Scotts Sales Team, on 01832 732366, to discuss or confirm your garden office requirements and they will then provide you with a total price. Or visit our Summerhouse and Garden Building page for more information.

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