Garden Summerhouse Maintenance: Getting Ready For Summer

As the Easter holiday offers the opportunity for us to get outdoors and start enjoying everything our gardens have to offer, it is probably worth spending a little bit of time beforehand making sure that everything in the summerhouse is ready to go for another glorious UK summer. Whether there’s a heatwave or a rainy summer, your garden summerhouse will assert itself as the perfect venue for your summer activities, whether it is partying out in the garden or being a place for a quiet sit-down after playing sports on the lawn.

A simple annual maintenance schedule will reduce the frequency of more significant work that will need to be carried out on your summerhouse.


Spring cleaning season also applies to outdoor spaces. If you want your garden summerhouse looking spick and span, start off by sweeping out the summerhouse with a firm brush and removing the cobwebs and insects. Clean the timber panelled walls of your summerhouse externally using a mild soapy solution to remove dirt, plant, bird and insect debris. Additionally, any dust or grime in the hinges of windows or doors should be removed and then treated with light oil.

Ensure that overhanging trees or bushes are cut away and that you regularly maintain them to prevent damage from branches scratching the outside of the summerhouse. Also, watch out for any debris causing dampness around the base of the summerhouse, as this may catch you out if you aren’t vigilant.

If you have selected a rotating base, remember that the summerhouse’s timber skirting can be easily removed to enable any debris to be swept away from the track. A rotating summerhouse has nylon wheels incorporated into the base which do not require any lubrication, saving you a job.

Each spring, the summerhouse joinery should be inspected and any minor areas of coating damage, shakes or open joints should be spot repaired. Follow these cleaning steps this spring, and you’ll be able to relax in a summerhouse that looks as good as new.


The modern paint systems we use for the factory-finished painted summerhouses are flexible and resistant to direct weathering but will begin to break down when sunlight (UV) starts to degrade the lignin in the timber surface. Some “chalking” of the paint film will occur over time, but this is quite normal and should be nothing to be concerned about.

If a paint touch-up of your summerhouse is required, we recommend taking a systematic approach to the project. On a door or window, approach the painting one section at a time, for example, the top rail followed by the stile and then the bottom rail. For a panelled wall, do the same and coat each section one at a time.

Remember to make sure your working space is well ventilated and the weather is good with no chance of rain or a sudden drop in temperature below 5°C too.

For more information, refer to our Summerhouse Maintenance Manual.

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