Your holiday at home enhanced by a summerhouse

In the UK, the rise in popularity of the ‘staycation’ is seeing more of us than ever remain at home for our holidays. More than 72 per cent say that they plan to take a UK break citing reasons from a desire to reduce their carbon footprint, to avoiding industrial action at airports or long queues, or simply not wanting to leave their pets behind. There is no doubt that planning and preparing for a trip abroad can be an arduous project marred by the ‘labour of leisure’. You might go further than remaining in the UK and also choose to stay within your own locality using home as a base. The benefits include:

  • Enjoying local beauty attractions and the countryside where you live.
  • Saving money on travel and accommodation costs that you can divert to home treats.
  • Flexibility to be spontaneous and plan days out at the last minute depending on the weather.
  • The opportunity to really relax and do as little or as much as you like!

If your home boasts a summerhouse, you already have an ideal destination for your staycation just a short walk from your door. A summerhouse is a perfect base for your holiday at home because:

  • You can physically remove yourself from your day-to-day environment especially if you work from home.
  • You can escape from the house and reminders of all those jobs that need doing.
  • You can personalise your summerhouse for your own enjoyment depending on how you most like to spend your time.
  • You don’t have to share your space with anyone else.
  • When the holiday is over, you get to keep the accommodation and can access it all year round for a mini break at any time.

Planning a summerhouse with a staycation in mind means that you should consider the following factors before selecting and purchasing your garden building.

staycation summerhouse

Sizing it up

Depending on the size of your family, or whether it’s just you, select a summerhouse model that provides you with enough space to spend days outdoors on your summer staycation. Two of Scotts’ summerhouse models are available at 2m in size. Both are octagonal in shape creating a stunning focal point for your outside space. The Balmoral model has removeable shutters with shatterproof acrylic glazing, and the Baltimore is glazed with lockable doors, and casement style windows with laminated glass. For a bigger party, the Sun Ray Garden Room available at up to 4.4m in size, has double doors that can be hooked open in warm weather to provide the perfect indoor-outdoor refuge.

Perfect position

Consider the position of the sun as it moves across your garden during the day and choose a spot for your summerhouse that will enable you to enjoy your own personal Costa del Sol. To really get away from it all, choose to install your summerhouse out of sight of your main property so you can turn your back on the chores during your staycation. Find a spot at the end of the lawn, or behind bushes and trees. Installing a summerhouse at the top of a slope is no problem with a ground screw base which uses steel piles that look like giant screws adjusted to maintain the right level. Even if you have a small garden, you might opt for a rotating base on nylon wheels hidden by a timber skirting enabling you to literally turn your back on the demands of DIY!

holiday at home

Special touches

Add optional insulation and double-glazing to a Scotts summerhouse and you will have a holiday home in the garden that you can access all year round. Add some touches of luxury such as our unique woven floor covering that feels warm underfoot. It’s waterproof and practical so drinks spillages are no problem. Scotts’ modular seating will help to make sure that you are sitting comfortably during your break and has the added benefit of internal storage. For lazy afternoons, you can set a padded lounger insert enabling you to lie down fully.

Ideas for a summerhouse staycation

Once your summerhouse has been planned, prepared, and installed, your staycation can begin, with no need for an early morning call and absolutely no luggage limit! Here are some ideas for ways to enjoy your garden building for a holiday at home.

Sitting by the pool

Whether you have a swimming pool, hot tub, garden pond or just a bird bath, sitting close to water is an enjoyable aspect of holiday time. Set up a comfortable lounge area outside your summerhouse with cushioned seating, a hammock, deck chair or sun lounger. Keep cushions and throws handy to create a luxurious environment. And there’s no need to get up early to lay out your towel!

Shady nook

If your garden doesn’t have any natural shade, consider setting up an umbrella, canopy, or awning to extend the useable space outside your summerhouse in very hot conditions. This will allow you to remain outdoors for longer without overheating.

Al fresco dining

Set up an outdoor dining area, either inside your summerhouse outside or on the decking or patio. Choose lightweight furniture for maximum flexibility and you can move it in and out according to the vagaries of the British weather. Prepare your favourite meals from previous holidays abroad or make it easy for yourself and select a range of delicacies that don’t have to be cooked. You can even order a delivery from your favourite takeaway. Children will enjoy picnicking in the garden with fun food served on themed tableware.

Fun and games

If you’re restless on holiday and like to keep active, plan some outdoor activities and store the kit and equipment in your summerhouse within easy reach. Set up a mini-golf course, play lawn games such as badminton or croquet, or grab a frisbee.

Spa day

If you’re determined to have a peaceful and quiet break, arrange your summerhouse to recreate your own spa experience. Set up a relaxing lounger and play soothing natural sounds on a smart speaker while you relax with a face mask body treatment.

Switch off the world

Now is the time to immerse yourself in nature and gain the full benefit of your staycation by leaving your devices inside your house. Try reading a printed book instead of a Kindle and look at the cloud formations overhead and watch birds, butterflies, and insects rather than your social media feed.

Pamper yourself

Shrug off any pressure to do anything other than really relax. Now is your time to practice yoga, indulge in your hobbies, flick through your photo album, or read a magazine. The comfort of your own personal summerhouse staycation venue means that you will benefit from cutting loose and kicking back.

Gardener’s world

Choose plants that mimic your favourite holiday destination with terracotta pots filled with geraniums to remind you of the Mediterranean, or palms that recall the Caribbean. If you live a long distance from the sea, decorate your summerhouse in a beach hut theme to remind you of your favourite seaside holidays.

holiday in your garden

In the evenings

Set the mood with lighting using outdoor string lights, lanterns, and candles to create the perfect ambience. Create a cosy campfire area outside your garden building with a fire pit where you can toast marshmallows, tell stories, and enjoy the warmth when the sun goes down.

Remember the key to your summerhouse staycation is to ensure that you can relax, unwind, switch off from the demands of modern life, embrace a slower pace, and rejuvenate without the need to travel. And when it is time to return to work, you won’t find yourself wiped out by the journey home.

If you are planning a staycation and think a summerhouse could enhance the experience, talk to the Scotts team and we can help to bring your vision to life. Tell us about what you like doing most on your holidays and we can advise on the best model to go for and where it should be positioned in your plot.

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