Bringing luxury to life with your choice of garden building

The concept of luxury means many things to different people. At the heart of luxury sits quality and convenience, time and space, or comfort and warmth. When you’re planning your garden building project, you will need to consider the quality of the materials and the finish, as well as the way it is constructed and installed. You will face choices to ensure that your garden building will remain warm and comfortable all year round creating a truly luxurious space to relax. You might be looking for the luxury of easy access to your workplace or hobbies, or the opportunity to slip out of your daily routine periodically without losing too much time. In our blog, we’re going to explore the elements of a truly premium structure and how to achieve your own garden building vision that brings luxury into your life no matter what it means to you.

The luxury of convenience

Adding a garden building to your property brings the convenience of being able to enjoy your leisure time within your own garden while gaining the perspective of leaving your house and the benefit of closer contact with nature. You can further enhance its convenience with a careful choice of features that make it more like a home from home.

One of the most convenient of our luxurious features is the ingenious rotating base, originally popularised by the Victorians, which enables you to effortlessly turn your garden building to change the perspective, follow the sun or shelter from fresh breezes. With handles artfully placed at the side of the building, a light touch creates the necessary momentum to move the entire structure with ease.

If convenience means luxury to you then why not add an optional unique bay shelf feature to your garden building which extends the usable space inside and provides you with a handy place to stack your books or rest your mug?

The luxury of leisure

touch of garden luxuryIn our busy lives, finding the time to relax and kick back is often the greatest luxury of all so we recommend making your garden building as comfortable as possible for maximum enjoyment. Scotts offers optional modular wooden seating, painted in the same finish as the exterior, that can be arranged according to your requirements and all fits neatly together with integral storage for space-saving convenience.

During your leisure time, you will be keen to completely relax (and even sleep!) and with this in mind, we have created a dedicated padded lounger insert that fits our modular seating so that you can convert it into a comfortable bed with a minimum of effort.

The quality of accessories and luxury furnishings that you add to your garden building will further increase your leisure enjoyment. Recreate the luxury of a holiday retreat by installing a premium hot tub on the deck or patio outside your garden building. You can enjoy this in all weathers remaining warm and relaxed while you gaze at the stars or watch snowflakes fall. If you enjoy a more active leisure schedule, why not install an swim spa in your garden for on the spot swimming without making waves.

For a more relaxing way of enjoying your garden building install a water feature in the immediate vicinity to create a sense of peace and tranquilly. There are hundreds of types to choose from in sleek contemporary slick designs or you might prefer a more traditional fountain. At the RHS Chelsea Flower Show this year we saw many examples of streams or rills created using recycled or bio-composite materials. Any type of water feature in your garden is a boon to insect and bird life in your garden

One of the most popular ways to enjoy our leisure time is to spend it with family and friends so why not install some top-notch accessories that help you to keep them fed, watered, and entertained. Bring your kitchen outdoors and set up a premium charcoal or gas barbecue or smoker and serve the cocktails from a stunning outdoor drinks trolley.

The luxury of comfort

Comfort and luxury go hand in hand and that’s why we recommend taking every opportunity to decorate your garden building with a range of accessories that will add to your enjoyment. If you have selected Scotts’ modular seating, you will enjoy padded seating and loose backrest cushions in a variety of premium fabric designs. We have teamed up with Sandersons to offer a vibrant and colourful fabric option or you might prefer an Arts & Crafts-inspired design from William Morris.

The feel of the floor beneath our feet brings a sense of luxury and well-being. Scotts offers a unique woven flooring option which offers the naturally warm texture of sisal and seagrass as well as feeling pleasant underfoot. It is also highly practical and easy to clean.

If the temperature outside becomes too much, you may wish to introduce a freestanding patio umbrella or parasol. The most luxurious models have a solid bases so it won’t take off in the wind and a simple handle to raise and lower it with ease.

The garden furniture you choose for your outdoor decking area or patio can help to create a truly luxurious ambience mimicking the high standard of your interior furnishings. Choose from some of these recommendations from House and Garden for the best garden furniture sets that can be just as comfortable as the sofa and armchairs in your living room. For more traditional garden seating, add a steamer chair like those you might see on the deck of the Queen Mary 2. The classic teak steamer is a fantastically comfortable and sturdy item that delivers a premium style aesthetic.

definition of a luxury garden buildingThe luxury of warmth

You wouldn’t be without double glazing in your home, so don’t think twice about adding it to garden building. Double glazing is available for the majority of Scotts’ models and is supplied with clear low E, energy saving glass. Glazing styles can be plain to maximise light and heat gain, or you may prefer our more traditional Georgian style decorative leaded glass to complement your country cottage or period property. Enhance the luxury further by adding insulation behind the tongue and groove effect lining in the walls.

Throws and wraps are an ultra-convenient way to keep warm when the weather becomes more changeable, and you can keep these in a basket or chest hidden away in your garden building for use all year round. GQ magazine has reviewed the best throws for sofas and beds and these work wonders for outdoor use too.

To achieve the ultimate in warmth and comfort, install electric power in your garden building and add an electric heater to the patio. Or you might choose to design a bespoke garden building that can accommodate a small and ergonomic wood-burning stove. Here are some examples of stoves that work well in an outdoor setting.

The luxury of quality

Choosing a high-quality garden building will dictate not only how long it lasts and how it retains its original condition over many years, but also the level of maintenance that you will be obliged to carry out. Almost any structure can look fantastic on the day it is installed but without proper foundations and excellent quality materials, the British weather will inevitably make an impact. Choose a garden building that has been built with craftsmanship and you are far less likely to experience any issues. Scotts has been making timber buildings for over 100 years and passes down its knowledge and skills to each generation.

Our models are designed with proper ventilation in mind and are built to keep out moisture while retaining their pristine condition for many years with minimal intervention. In our workshops we work hard to build each one from hardwood timber so that the doors and windows fit seamlessly together with pristine joints and chamfered edges. Doors and windows open and close on smooth satin chrome or brass hinges.

Our watertight roofs are all handmade from stress graded timber underpinned by a breathable underlay. You can choose from durable roofing options made from slate or lead-effect moulded composite glass fibre or natural cedar shingles. Maintenance is low for both roof types demanding only a simple brush or occasional wipe over with cloth.

A luxurious finish is essential to complete your premium garden building and that’s why all Scotts garden buildings are delivered in a spray paint finish with a choice of 11 colours from our dark and striking Aegean Blue to a delicate and subtle Putty. Inside, the roof can lined with plain cream fabric or choose a wooden lining painted in the same colour as the exterior.

The luxury of a summerhouse

Whether you need extra space or simply want a place to escape so you can really enjoy your garden, improve your wellbeing, and make the most of all the advantages that your home has to offer, our team at Scotts stands ready to respond to your brief. With years of experience and many trusted clients, we are happy to advise you on every element, helping you to achieve your luxury garden building dream.

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