Housebuilders and self-builders will agree that there is currently a growing demand to optimise land usage in order to provide flexible living space and larger homes, so attic trusses provide the answer. Providing a third floor in the roof, is one way of doing this without affecting the footprint of the land as it makes use of often wasted roof or loft space.

So, what are the advantages of providing that extra floor for homeowners?

  • Families with teenagers. Anyone with teenage children will understand the dilemma – they need privacy in the safety of the family home but their clutter can also encroach on their parents space. The top floor of a three-storey property is perfect for adults who need an oasis of calm to call their own.
  • Large families will look to spread out over three floors and appreciate the flexibility.
  • With more and more professionals working from home, a three-storey layout is the perfect solution for setting up an office at home.
  • Blended families will also appreciate the extra space offered by a three-storey house. Many families now consist of divorced parents who have children from previous marriages and regular visits from step-siblings at weekends. The additional bedrooms available can accommodate the needs of this type of extended family without the feeling that everyone is living on top of one another.

At Scotts, our Room in the Roof trusses, or attic trusses, are an effective way of providing the structural roof and floor in the same component, providing an economical way of adding rooms to a new house or apartment block.

The benefits of Room in the Roof trusses are many:

  • Cost savings due to quick and easy erection on site
  • A weathertight shell at an early stage
  • The need for labour intensive site joints is removed
  • The roof structure is complete, ready for plasterboard and floorboards
  • There are no restrictions on lower floor or roof layouts as the trusses can be designed to span onto external walls
  • They are designed to accommodate all loads required for an additional room
  • Factory assembly ensures consistent quality

As a leading member of the Trussed Rafter Association, we recognise professional standards and work on a diverse range of projects, large and small, and are experienced in working with large UK housebuilders.

Our service means that our technical team will gain a full understanding of your project and produce detailed drawings to ensure a cost-effective solution. We combine technology with craftsmanship to produce Room in the Roof trusses that meet your required specification.