The popularity of the American barn

Stabling in the 21st century

The increasing popularity of American style barns in the UK is attributed to their practicality, efficiency and alignment with modern equestrian standards and trends. In the last few decades, the popularity of American barns has gained momentum as equestrian facilities became more contemporary.


Key features of American barn stables

Functionality: American barn stables are designed to maximise functionality and efficiency. With a central aisle and stalls on either side allowing easy access to each horse, the layout delivers convenience for horse handlers and their owners making it easier to manage multiple animals.

Ergonomics: American barns can make more efficient use of space compared with traditional UK stable designs. More horses can be accommodated on a smaller footprint which can be advantageous where there is limited space for equestrian facilities.

Contemporary: as equestrian practices evolve, and facilities become more modernised, American barns provide the ideal model for updated stable designs. This layout can offer improved amenities compared to older more traditional stable buildings.

Comfort and ventilation: American barns are typically designed with the comfort and wellbeing of horses at the centre of their design. They incorporate features to allow ample ventilation as well as natural light and more spacious stalls which can contribute to equine health and happiness.

Equestrian trends: the equestrian world is highly interconnected with trends and practices often crossing borders. The appeal of American style barns spread from the United States to other countries including the UK where enthusiasts in the equestrian field followed the latest developments.


horse in american barn stableScotts’ American Barn Stables

Preferred by many livery yards and riding schools, the American barn design creates an efficient workplace and provides essential shelter from the elements when mucking out or grooming. As well as offering substantial indoor accommodation, Scotts’ models also have a 1m overhang along the eave edges of the building offering additional protection from the elements. The Scotts American barn includes rear windows and grilles for each bay which brings extra light as well as improving ventilation. Top doors or glazed top doors can be installed as an alternative to windows if required.

The ventilated roof ridge detail of Scotts’ American barn allows further ventilation and light to enter providing a decorative aspect with its gambrel-style roof. Roofing materials include profile metal sheeting, and the roof is insulated and underlined with fire resistant boarding. Other features of the Scotts’ American barns are kickboard linings to the height of the eaves in all stalls, and internal partitions manufactured by Monarch with sliding or opening doors.


Your Stable Design Project

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