Does a garage add value to your property?

With space at a premium in UK homes, the places where we live have come under increasing pressure to service multiple uses over the last half decade. There is no doubt that the more usable space you have, the higher the value of your property will be. Online estate agents Yopa claims that a single garage at your home could add five to ten per cent to its value and a double garage even more with a 20 per cent uplift.

does a garage add value to property

The additional value you’ll gain with the existence of a garage at your property will vary depending on factors such as its location, size, condition, and of course, local demand within your area. Installing a luxurious high-end garage or timber outbuilding at your property can really deliver a significant USP in a challenging market. In our blog we look at how a garage adds value to a UK property and what you need to think about if you are considering adding one to your residence.

Parking bonus

Garages were originally intended to be used just for parking cars and started to become commonplace in UK homes in the 20th century when they were known as motorhouses. As cars for personal use became more affordable, garages grew in popularity and were usually created to complement the homes they were designed for and prefabricated for easy installation. With parking spaces at a premium in most residential areas, having a garage provides a secure and convenient parking spot for your treasured vehicle, and most house buyers will look out for this desirable feature.

Storage capacity

Offering additional storage space outside the home, garages are highly valued as a place for storing tools, outdoor equipment including bikes and seasonal items such as garden furniture. Make sure your garage is well-organised and has plenty of shelving or makes use of space at ceiling height so you can show off its storage potential to the maximum.

Conversion potential

Many garages become ‘man caves’ or outbuildings for use as workshops and are highly convertible according to homeowners’ preferences. The existence of the space a garage offers is a significant draw to potential buyers because they can easily convert it into a home office, gym or even additional sleeping accommodation provided they get the necessary planning permission.

Aesthetic appeal

The presence of a garage can enhance the overall curb appeal of your property making it more attractive to potential buyers. We will look in more detail at the potential for highly decorative high-quality garages and outbuildings below.


What if I do not have a garage?

Garages can easily be added to your property retrospectively provided you have enough clear space. Classed as an outbuilding, you should not need planning permission as garages are usually regarded as permitted development. You can read up on all the rules via the Planning Portal but provided a garage is single storey, reaches a max height at 2.5m and is not built in front of your boundary, you should be able to proceed. We always recommend checking the rules where you live as these vary with different restrictions applying if you live in a listed property or conservation area.

garage features

My existing garage is not fit for purpose

If the current garage building is in disrepair or is simply just too small for modern use, it could even hinder your property sale, so it is worth considering an upgrade.


What are the benefits of a timber garage?

The installation of an attractive timber outbuilding or garage will deliver a major boost the standing of your property when compared with its neighbours. The materials you choose make a significant contribution to the overall impact.

Quality and durability: opting for high quality timber will enhance its aesthetic appeal and boost its longevity. Well-maintained timber structures can enhance the overall appeal of the property and potentially add value.

Aesthetics: timber garages have a natural rustic charm that appeals to some buyers especially as they complement specific architectural styles or rural settings. An eye-catching garage may be the feature that seals the deal.

Maintenance: timber structures require regular maintenance to preserve their appearance and structural integrity and a well-maintained garage shows that you have invested love and care into your property.

Housing market: the potential added value from a timber garage can be influenced by local market preferences and in some areas, buyers may specifically seek out properties with timber structures.


Make a statement garage

Scott’s specialises in creating bespoke timber garages that deliver the ‘wow’ factor to your property. Here are some of the options you can choose that will maximise the impact of your timber garage and stimulate interest in your property sale.

Wall cladding

Replace our standard tongue and groove shiplap boarding with feather edged boarding or a special profile to create a more traditional feel. Scotts use European Redwood which is vacuum pressure impregnated to promote a long life.


Trussed rafter roofs are supplied as standard and you can opt to complement these with a range of materials from felt or felt tiles to Metrotile, or sedum and cedar shingles, ensuring that your garage structure blends seamlessly with the immediate environment.


For ultra convenience, why not specify a remote-control option for up and over doors or ask us to create taller and wider garage door options for specific vehicles? If you are looking for quick and easy access to the garage, choose framed, ledged and braced side entrance doors of almost any size and finish that you require.


While Scotts usually installs standard casement windows into its garage designs, you can boost the light gain and enhance the ventilation to high levels with specialist wooden windows.

luxury garage value

Don’t forget the finish

Your Scotts timber garage will be supplied in a pressure treated wood finish and to add a touch of luxury, you could also request a paint or stain that complements the design and style of your existing property. This will be delivered in a microporous finish as part of the manufacturing process to ensure maximum coverage. Alternatively, you could choose a contrasting colour for doors, barge boards and finials to create a distinctive and appealing appearance. Our team of specialist installers will apply a final coat of paint on site when we complete your project.

Lining and insulation

For a touch of luxury and a first class finish why not choose to incorporate a variety of linings which contain insulation in the side walls and roof area? Good insulation enables you to work outdoors in your garage even during the colder winter months.

Barge boards

Enhance the decorative appeal of your garage beyond its functional integrity with the addition of decorative wooden barge boards. Scotts manufacture these from selected pine timber which is then machined and vacuum pressure impregnated for longevity. Barge boards are available in a variety of designs and colours.

Finishing touches

There is really no limit to the way in which you can enhance your garage structure and Scotts has wide experience of paying attention to the details that will really bring your luxury garage to life. You might decide to add a clock, clocktower or weathervane that complements your garage building. Scotts offer a wide choice of clock installations that can be contemporary in style or speak to the heritage of your property.


Why choose Scotts for your timber garage project?

Our bespoke service means that your garage can be designed specifically for your requirements and your specific property. We will work with you to ensure that your new structure blends harmoniously with existing architecture. Scotts offers a comprehensive personalised service and delivers a turnkey solution. All you need to do is to prepare a suitable concrete base following our guidance that will house the completed wooden structure.

Talk to us about your property plans and what you need from a bespoke timber garage or outbuilding, and our experienced team will take you through the process and help bring your vision to life.

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