Create your own summerhouse games room

Thanks to technology, automation and reduced working hours, we enjoy more leisure time than ever before. Over the last 20 years, average working hours have fallen by nearly two hours per day. Recent trials have shown that employees working a four-day week are no less productive. We hear a great deal from clients who are looking for a summerhouse as a place to kick back and relax, a backdrop to quiet contemplation and meditation.

Of course, a garden building can provide perfect peace, but customers are also telling us that they value to extra space to maximise their leisure time with a dedicated hub for fun. Creating a games room in your garden gets you out of the house in summer and winter, providing a place to burn off excess energy and enjoy time with your friends and family. In our blog, we will explore the elements you will need to consider if you plan to set up a garden games room.

Before you choose your summerhouse building, think about the types of games you really want to play. If the equipment is bulky, heavy or has a large footprint, choose a garden room with the right dimensions. Previous Scotts customers chose to reinforce the floor of their summerhouse before installing some high-quality gym equipment.

Ahead of the game

Games room summerhouseThere are so many ways to have fun in your summerhouse and it’s worth exploring all the options even if you already have a favourite activity in mind. To play table tennis, pool, pinball, air hockey or foosball, you will need a rectangular-shaped area with plenty of room on all sides. These games are energetic and fast-paced, so think about adding non-slip flooring to keep everyone safe. Standing games such as darts and skittles lend themselves well to a discreet indoor area and you won’t need a great deal of space for the equipment.

More sedentary games can deliver equal amounts of fun and enjoyment, so think about sourcing a games chest full of board games from Articulate, Codenames and Around the World in 80 Days, to classics such as Monopoly, Mousetrap and Cluedo. Buckaroo and Kerplunk are firm favourites with small children, and everyone loves a quiz so why not add Trivial Pursuit to the mix? Create your own scoreboard and leader boards to hang on your summerhouse wall and keep track of previous victories. More sophisticated tastes might run to card games, cribbage, or chess.

With power and Wi-Fi installed in your summerhouse, you can set up a gaming den with console, TV screen, and joystick. Serious gaming may see you playing Rocket League, Minecraft or Spiderman, there’s always room for classics such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Space Invaders and Pacman.

It’s also possible to source arcade games for home use, including reduced-size versions of slot and fruit machines. Slightly more exotic, you might be inclined to set up a roulette wheel and create your own casino at the bottom of the garden.

Once you have decided on the type of games you would like to play and the equipment you will need, take time to plan the layout of the room carefully. Think about how to arrange the games to make the best use of available space. Consider the size of each game and the distance you will need between them make sure there is enough space around each game for players to move and play comfortably, taking account of any equipment. If you are going to install a pool table, make sure there is enough space to use a cue to its fullest extent.

Scotts make it easy when you’re planning your summerhouse layout because we provide access to detailed specifications and base plans on our website. For example, take a look at the plans for the Sun Ray Garden Room. You can see the maximum width of the building, the width of each wall panel, and the size of the door opening, details of which will help your decision-making process. If the dimensions of summerhouses within the standard range don’t seem to allow you sufficient space, you can always opt for a bespoke model, created especially to meet your personal requirements.

Game changing ideas

Before you extend the invitations and start to play, think about the experience you would like your guests to enjoy. Decorate the walls in fun, bright colours with posters, pop art and neon signs. Add some funky furnishings such as bean bags or inflatables to promote a fun atmosphere and string up LED lights around the inside walls. Include a jukebox to provide an entertaining backdrop, a popcorn machine for a fairground feel, or a SodaStream so you can refresh tired players with your own sparkling drinks.

Ensure that you have enough storage to pack away your games and smaller items to keep your garden building tidy and ensure that no vital pieces are lost. Furniture should be practical, durable, and multi-purpose. A chest or trunk could double as a drinks table, or you could opt for Scotts’ own modular seating, which is free-standing for maximum flexibility, and opens up to reveal storage space inside.

If you’re looking for some fun items to include in your games room summerhouse, some examples we love include a Rubix cube table that opens out as a cupboard, a seat made in the shape of a dice, and a chalk board tabletop for word games.

Games in a summerhouseWhatever fun you’re planning for your garden, make sure that it will be warm enough in winter, and sufficiently cool during the summer. Add insulation into the walls and elect to include double-glazing when you choose a Scotts’ summerhouse. We use low E energy saving glass and insulation is fixed behind tongue and groove effect lining.

Add window coverings or even blackout blinds for better visibility while gaming. To minimise heat gain inside, install an electric fan, or opt for a rotating base and you can simply turn the entire building through 360 degrees to find a shady spot.

If you plan to store high-value items inside your summerhouse, make sure the building is safely secured. Scotts summerhouses are available with lockable doors and windows for extra security.

Game, set and match

There is no need to restrict the fun to the inside of your summerhouse. Your garden building can also provide an ideal base for outdoor games. A badminton or tennis court for singles or doubles can easily be fashioned by fastening a net between two trees. Set up a croquet course for a more relaxing pastime, introduce Giant Jenga or outdoor Connect Four, or challenge the family to a molkky tournament or game of French boules or petanque. Fix a Swingball set in the middle of the lawn or send a Frisbee flying.

If you’re lucky enough to have a swimming pool you can store the equipment for model boat races or simply challenge the family to complete the fastest length. Store all your swimming equipment and towels inside your garden building or dedicated pool house.


We hope we have provided a flavour of how you can enjoy your summerhouse with some fun activities that can spill out into the garden. You can easily create a setting that can be enjoyed year-round no matter what the weather brings. If you have specific ideas about how you would like to set up your summerhouse games room, but need advice on how to achieve it, we’re standing by to join the fun.

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