5 Reasons to Buy a Summerhouse

If you are looking for space to escape and seek some tranquillity, a Scotts garden summerhouse is just the thing to help establish work/home boundaries and give you a space to spend time in your world.

As the recent pandemic has taught us, having a physical separation between work and home is important for our wellbeing. It’s very hard to settle in the same room you’ve just been working all day in, and so a summerhouse can be a great solution for this issue through a quick re-imagining as a home office space.

However, this is not the only way in which a summerhouse can be a benefit to your home life. In fact, Scotts has five ways in which our luxury summerhouses can be instrumental in improving your lifestyle.

Here are our five top reasons why our summerhouses are beneficial to your home life


If you are wanting to escape the hurly-burly of the house and family life to enjoy your own space for a while, you can enjoy your own ‘headspace’ in a wooden summerhouse. Taking time out to pursue a hobby, read a book or survey the garden, doing it in your personal corner summerhouse is sure to make it all a pleasurable experience.


By setting up your office in the summerhouse, you are defining the physical boundaries between work and home. You have a wonderful backdrop in the form of your own beautiful garden. The working day starts and finishes when you choose, and you are able to close the door and step away from the day – and the commute is astonishing!


A summerhouse gives you an extra room to your house without the complicated process of designing an extension and enduring months of building work. To enhance convenience, we have a range of sizes and styles to suit all tastes and our experts can advise on the best location and setting too. We’ll take you through the process with ease and you’ll be able to step foot in your new summerhouse even faster than you imagined.


We are all looking forward to the weather turning and the seasons drifting, and despite its name, a summerhouse can change to suit any time of year. The myth of summerhouses only being useful for one time of the year is unfounded, as you can re-purpose your simply keep using it in autumn, winter, spring, and right round through to summer again. As well as this, it can accommodate a range of activities throughout the 12 months, too. Whether you enjoy afternoon tea in the summerhouse, a midnight telescope observatory or set up the turntables and turn it into a party house, you can enjoy it at all times!


A garden summerhouse is one step closer to being in the middle of the nature of your garden while still keeping in a well-designed and weather-protecting space. As well as the obvious benefits of being outside and enjoying the fresh air, timber buildings are proven to be good for your wellbeing. Timber is beautiful to the eye and touch, plus its natural build qualities allow for better humidity and temperature control. 

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