From a quiet space to enjoy a little “me-time” away from the hustle and bustle of life in the family home to the music studio at the end of the garden where you can enjoy classic opera or channel your inner rock heroes, a summerhouse is a place that you can make your own.

Room to be creative

From painting to scrapbooking, sewing to sawing, crafters will know from experience that hobbies need to fit in with the daily routine, grabbing 15 minutes or so whenever possible. But by the time you have unpacked all your bits and pieces, and cleared space to spread your work out, the amount of time enjoying your hobby is restricted…and then the dining room table is needed again for mealtimes. Imagine if you could have a space that is dedicated to your hobby, somewhere you could leave your kit and caboodle out undisturbed. A summerhouse could be the solution.

Your own space

Railway enthusiast Bob and his wife Anne “sacrificed” Bob’s hobby room as part of their home improvements, but Bob decamped to a new Scotts of Thrapston summerhouse to pursue his hobby and has not looked back.

The ‘spare room’ which originally housed Bob’s railway memorabilia, was converted into a walk-in wardrobe and ensuite bathroom and his new summerhouse became his hobby room. Bob says: “I still have my dedicated space to escape to, but now it’s in the garden where I can listen to the birds, watch the wildlife and enjoy the surroundings in peace. Occasionally I can hear the sound of the steam trains on the local line; it’s the perfect setting.”

Planning and storage

When purchasing your summerhouse think about how you will use the space and consider whether you need heat, light or a power supply. Once you get going on your masterpiece you won’t want to stop when dusk falls, so appropriate lighting can make all the difference.

A small heater means your summerhouse will always be welcoming, warm and snug even when the temperatures outside start to fall. Installing an electricity connection also means you can hang fairy lights or decorations from the structure to create a pretty winter wonderland

A summerhouse is an investment that will not only add value and intrigue to your property; it will also provide increased enjoyment from your garden and extend your living space into the cooler months.