Does a summerhouse boost the value of a property?

The current economic situation is making itself felt in all areas of our lives, and property prices are expected to take a hit over the next twelve months according to the latest data.

One way to protect the value of your property is to invest in your home and garden, ensuring that you maximise its appeal to potential buyers, mitigating the impact of any decline in property prices. If you are thinking about adding a summer house to your garden, you could add around 5 per cent to its value, which equates to an additional £15,000 on the average-priced UK property (currently just under £300,000). A study reported by Country Living estimated that it would be possible to achieve an additional £12k on your property sale if your garden includes a summer house.

In our blog, we explore how a summer house could add value to your property increasing the likelihood that it will sell quickly as well as at the right price. We also examine ways to maximise this as far as possible, while enabling you to enjoy your home for as long it remains your own.


Do outbuildings increase property value?

Yes, outbuildings can increase property value, depending on their type, condition, and functionality. Here are some factors to consider:

Functionality: The functionality of an outbuilding is essential. For example, a well-maintained garage or a purpose-built workshop can add value to a property, especially if it meets the practical needs of potential buyers.

Condition: The condition of the outbuilding is crucial. A well-preserved, structurally sound outbuilding is more likely to enhance the property’s overall value. Neglected or poorly maintained outbuildings could potentially decrease the property’s worth.

Amenities: Outbuildings with amenities such as electricity, insulation, heating, or plumbing are likely to increase property value in the UK. These features make the outbuilding more functional and appealing to buyers.

Planning Permission and Local Regulations: In the UK, it’s important to ensure that the outbuilding complies with local planning regulations and has the necessary permissions. Non-compliant structures may lead to legal issues or reduced property value.

Versatility: Versatile outbuildings, such as those that can serve as guest accommodation, home offices, or studios, can have a positive impact on property value in the UK. This flexibility is often sought after by buyers.

Market Demand: Property values are influenced by the local real estate market. If there is a high demand for properties with specific outbuildings in a particular area, this can lead to increased property value.

Outbuildings have the potential to increase property value, but their impact varies depending on factors like functionality, condition, amenities, local regulations, versatility, and market demand, however let’s look at more detail with regards to how summer houses specifically can add value.


How does a summer house add value to a property?

We spoke to Johnson Roy, Area Manager for Sharman Quinney, an estate agent with a branch based close to Scotts’ HQ in Thrapston. Johnson said, “A high quality summer house will hugely increase the saleability of your property. There has been a culture change over recent years which means that more and more people are looking for a base from which they can comfortably work at home. Where multiple comparable houses are for sale in the same location, a property with a well-built summer house will be head and shoulders above its neighbours in terms of appeal.

“We know from talking to our clients that they welcome the additional space that a garden building or sunroom offers, and they tend to get excited about the possibilities for complementing their lifestyle. While summer houses do not add square footage to the size of the property, they certainly increase its appeal in terms of useable space and storage for hobby and leisure equipment and for garden furniture and accessories.

“Summer houses are usually regarded as ‘permitted development’, providing they meet some rules around size and position, so it is always worth checking the details before any work commences.”

According to academic studies, there are many types of value. In addition to the financial and functional benefits that a summer house can bring, it can also deliver intrinsic lifechanging and emotional qualities. Creating a ‘Wow’ factor can help potential buyers to choose your property over others, especially as a summer house makes such an impactful visual statement.

If you are considering installing a summer house, remember that space equals opportunity and its use is only limited by your imagination. Summer houses and garden buildings enable you (and your potential buyers) to:


  • Create a secluded garden hideaway or retreat from the hustle and bustle of modern life
  • Provide a dedicated space for hobbies, arts and crafts, or practising a musical instrument without disturbing anyone, or securing some peace and quiet for maximum mindfulness
  • Design a streamlined home office with all your equipment in easy reach so you can remain productive in comfort
  • Set up a space for regular exercise that is so much closer than travelling to the gym
  • Host your neighbours, friends, and family in an attractive and inviting outdoor setting that everyone can enjoy all year round.


By adding a summer house to your home, you will enable potential buyers to imagine themselves living there too as they start to envisage the possibilities for their own lifestyle. The entire process of adding a summer house to your property is much less potentially disruptive than building an extension or converting the loft and they can be installed relatively quickly once you have decided on the specification that meets your needs. Structures like these and their contents are usually protected by your home insurance (though it is always wise to check with your insurer).


How can you maximise the value added by your summer house?

Planning your summer house

Plan your summer house with care and precision to take account of its position, the view from its windows, how it will appear from your house, and the ideal size and shape to complement your plans to use it as a space to relax, entertain, work out or indulge in your favourite hobby.

Think about:

  • Position: the view from your summer house will change according to the season so you need to decide on the ideal perspective to take account of the best that your garden has to offer. Several of our Scotts’ summer house models can be augmented with a rotating base which enables you to swing them around to change the view, follow the sun, or escape from the wind.
  • Longevity: selecting the highest quality summer house made from a durable hardwood will give you the peace of mind that your investment will deliver maximum return. Scotts summer houses are made from sustainably sourced wood and so have a long lifespan with minimal maintenance. They are constructed with craftsmanship to withstand the elements and robustly protected with a luxurious spray paint finish enhancing the lasting properties of your summer house.
  • Size: choose a summer house that complements the dimensions of your outdoor space and the size of your home. Scotts offers petite and bjiou summer houses of 2m in width, in an octagonal shape for a central position, or on a base plan that fits neatly into an under-used corner. Alternatively, for a larger plot, you might choose to make an impact with a sunroom that is 4.4m wide.
  • Style: All of the summer houses in the Scotts range complement a quintessentially English garden setting, working well with period properties of all ages. For a more contemporary style, your choice of colours and furnishings can help to tie your garden and home together. Or you could choose an entirely bespoke design in any shape or design to complement its use and style.

Summer house regulations

To make sure that you comply with the planning regulations for permitted development, your summer house should be located at least 2m from your property’s boundary edge, and at least 5m from your house. Its height should not exceed 4m and it must not encroach on or overhang roads or footpaths. The maximise size for a summer house under these rules is 15 square metres.

All summer houses need to be constructed on a solid base made from concrete or paving slabs, so check out the terrain carefully. Scotts has designed an innovative ground screw base that can be installed in a level or sloping area for maximum flexibility. Make sure that you can reach your garden building with ease via a path, patio, or decked area so that it remains in reach in all weather conditions. You may prefer a short walk to that hot tub, especially in winter!

Cost of a summer house

The cost of a summer house will vary depending on the size and type you choose, and also on the optional extras that you add. While the existence of a high-quality, well-maintained summer house of any type will undoubtedly add value to your home, the addition of luxury features will further increase its appeal and inspire potential buyers.

Features could include:

  • Integral upholstered modular seating in stylish fabrics that complement the exterior paint colour
  • Classic tongue and groove effect wall lining
  • A cedar shingle roof topped with a stunning copper finial
  • Double-glazing, diamond leaded windows, or brass or satin chrome ironmongery
  • A functional and decorative shelf feature.
  • Heat-retaining insulation

A higher specification summer house that has been custom-built to suit your property is sure to appeal to buyers when it is time to move on.

We hope that we demonstrated that, no matter what type of property you own, or however long the timescale for your potential move, adding a summer house is an investment for the future. Allow Scotts to inspire you with ideas that will add value while simultaneously providing you with maximum enjoyment.


Does a summer house add value?

In this post we have discussed how the right summer house can significantly increase the value of your property, especially when considering a potential sale. We shown you that that a well-designed summer house, with appealing amenities and enhanced curb appeal, can be a strong selling point for prospective buyers. Even though you may want to keep the summer house for personal use, its marketability as an attractive, functional extension of the property can lead to a higher resale value. The versatility and year-round potential of a summer house make it a valuable addition that enhances the property’s desirability for potential buyers, potentially yielding a better return on your investment.


As your plans start to crystallise why not allow Scott’s to help you move forward with the next step? Simply get in touch or call us on 01832 732366 and we will be happy to support you on your journey to the fulfilment of your summer house investment.


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